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What are Nutraceuticals?

Get 10% Off Nutraceuticals while checking out and enter the word “SPRING”.   Nutraceuticals are whole foods, food ingredients or supplements that have specific health or medical benefits. For example, they may prevent or treat specific diseases, which means that they have properties extending beyond simple nutritional functions. Nutraceuticals can come from plant, marine, animal, […]

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‘Gutter oil’ went into Chinese-made antibiotics, officials say

This is just one of many examples that are available to show that companies that produce pharmaceutical drugs and vitamins are capable of. Everyone should do a the research and know the difference between what is considered safe and what’s really safe. Here at U & Me Time we have people asking us on a […]

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Nutraceuticals—Just a Fancy Name for Vitamins?

We interviewed Dr. John Ghuneim to help us understand how nutraceuticals are superior to ordinary vitamins and how they can benefit your overall health. His responses are summarized below. Is Nutraceuticals just a fancy name for the same vitamins you can buy at the discount stores? No—and let me explain why. Your body uses vitamins […]

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