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Pharmaceutical-Grade Essential Nutrients

Derived from the Latin word for life, vitamins are essential for our bodies to function properly. U&Me Time offers vitamins called nutraceuticals to indicate they are of a pharmaceutical grade and are free of the fillers and additives often found in brands of lower quality. We offer an array of nutraceuticals, all of which are designed so that your body will be able use all of the vitamin or mineral you are taking.

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Vitamin Descriptions

Adrenal-Cortico Protocol: Adrenal-Cortico Protocol offers optimal support for adrenal function. Especially helpful where stress factors affect health, such as illness, job loss, family problems, etc.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid: Alpha-Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that is naturally produced by the body and is found in every cell, where it helps turn glucose into energy. While some antioxidants work only in water, alpha-lipoic acid is both fat- and water-soluble, which allows it to work throughout the body.

B12 Sublingual: Vitamin B-12 is important in the regulation of sleep and appetite and is critical to in supplying energy. Though effective, B12 injections are expensive and painful, so sublinguals (under the tongue) provide the vitamin in a form that is more easily absorbed than ordinary tablets.

BioDIM Nutrient: Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a naturally occurring nutrient that is found in cruciferous vegetables. Studies have shown that DIM promotes healthy estrogen metabolism in both men and women.

Bio-D-Mulsion Forte Dietary Supplement: Bio-D-Mulsion Forte is a dietary supplement (emulsified vitamin D) in an oil-water emulsion. Vitamin D oil has been dispersed into microscopic particles to aid absorption and assimilation.

Calscorbplex Dietary Supplement: Powdered ascorbate complex, a dietary supplement. Essential for the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans, which are the building materials of all connective tissues.

Carnitine Tartrate Powder: Optimizing Carnitine levels has been found to have dramatic benefits for low energy, obesity and fatigue. Also helps promote heart health, maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels and sports endurance and recovery.

Chondroitin Sulfate: Chondroitin Sulfate provides nutritional support for structure and function of the body’s connective tissues, such as skin, tendons, ligaments, bone, and cartilage.

CoEnzyme Q10 Nutrient: Conenzyme Q10 is a naturally-occurring antioxidant nutrient that retards free radical formation. Coenzyme Q10 is essential for the health of all human tissues and organs.

CNCR Protocol 3 Enzyme Supplement: CNCR Protocol 3 is an enzyme supplement, not a replacement, which contains a combination of lipase, amylase and protease. Enhances the digestion of proteins, starch and fat in the stomach and intestines.

D-Ribose: Ribose, needed to synthesize adenine nucleotides, is the carbohydrate backbone of genetic material—DNA and RNA and other important cellular compounds.

DHEA Hormone: DHEA is the most abundant steroid hormone in the body and is involved in many normal metabolic processes, including the regulation of stress cortisol levels.

Ginkgo Biloba MAX-V: Ginkgo Biloba MAX-V provides support for healthy mental and circulatory function. It can help protect the body’s structure and function against damage from free radicals, as well as maintain healthy circulatory function and mental performance.

Glucosamine Sulfate Dietary Supplement: For maintaining the integrity of healthy joints. A well-absorbed source of glucosamine, an important precursor for the synthesis and maintenance of connective tissues.

Intestin-Ol Dietary Supplement: Potent soft gel that contains the essential oils of oregano, thyme and clove, which have been used throughout history for their diverse health benefits. Contains antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

L-Glutathione PLUS Dietary Supplement: L-Glutathione PLUS provides 75 mg of L-glutathione and 25 mg of Nacetyl L-cysteine in a specially formulated sublingual tablet. Protect your cells and tissues from the threat of toxic free radicals.

LV-GB Complex: Support for liver and gallbladder function by providing lipotropic substances to aid in the elimination of fatty substances from the liver, as well as promoting proper bile flow.

Melatonin: Melatonin is a natural metabolite synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan by the pineal gland in the back of the brain. Regulates sleep/wake cycles, support normal immune function and protect cells from free radical damage.

Orthobiotics Dietary Supplement: Dietary supplement for gastrointestinal health.

Overdrive Dietary Supplement: Supports optimal athletic performance and post-exercise recovery.

PaleoGreens Organic Dietary Supplement: Great tasting greens food made with organic ingredients, with the principles of wholesome paleolithic nutrition in mind. One serving has the equivalent antioxidant capacity of 4 servings of vegetables.

PaleoReds Organic Dietary Supplement: PaleoReds combines over a dozen fruits and vegetables and their phytonutrients from the red/purple group to help reduce the risk of common chronic diseases and premature aging.

Pan-OX-5 Dietary Enzyme Supplement: Synergistic dietary enzyme formula that is specially formulated for digestive support. Ingredients such as aspergillus oryza, ox bile extract and rennin can also aid in the digestion and absorption of food.

Phosphatidyl Choline 40% Powder: Excellent for emulsifying fat, making it extremely valuable for liver health, and for increasing absorption of all fat-soluble nutrients. Blends well with water, beverages or shakes.

Pregnenolone Dietary Supplement: Pregnenolone is the building block for all other steroid hormones. Restoration of pregnenolone to levels of healthy young adults may have a positive effect on memory, mood and energy.

Pro-Bulk M Dietary Supplement: Features many nutritional benefits for the health of the gastrointestinal tract. This extra dose of dietary fiber plays an important nutritional role in cholesterol metabolism.

Regenisis Spray Dietary Supplement: Dietary supplement taken orally.

Resveratrol Synergy  Dietary Supplement: A powerful combination of trans-resveratrol, quercetin, and lecithin. Very potent antioxidant protection, estrogen protection, cardio-protection, cancer protection, viral protection and neuron protection.

Tri-Amino Dietary Supplement: Tri-B-100 Dietary Supplement: Timed release B-complex used for energy and stress control. As coenzymes, the B vitamins are essential components in most major metabolic reactions.

Ultra PREVENTIVE X Dietary Supplement: Provides essential nutrition for optimal health in a vegetable/fruit food base. Now contains Metafolin®, a naturally occurring, predominant form of folate essential for overall health.

Vitamin D Supreme Dietary Supplement: Use for bone, joint, immune system and muscle support. Formula contains higher therapeutic doses than Vitamin D Synergy for situations where more aggressive repletion is required.