Books and DVDs to Educate Couples and Enhance Sexuality

U&Me Time offers books, DVDs and brochures for couples who are looking for reference materials to enhance their relationship or further inform them in a particular area. From guides on how to use a vacuum device to movies designed to put that extra spark back in your love life, these reference materials are produced by professionals to educate couples and enhance their sexuality. To purchase one of these products just click the name to be redirected to our store.

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DVD Guide to Great Sex over 40
Informative and erotic video guide explores sex in mid-life and beyond as four real couples deal with sex into their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Also included are tips to overcoming erection difficulties.

Intimacy with Impotence: The Couple’s Guide to Better Sex after Prostate Disease
Written with complete honesty and compassion by a prostate cancer survivor and his wife, this is the essential resource for couples trying to reestablish intimacy and sex in the face of impotence.

Penis Power by Dr. Danoff
“In this comprehensive, straightforward guide, Dr. Danoff will help you determine the fundamental cause of your problem so that you can improve your sex life safely.”

Men, Women and Prostate Cancer by Drs. Wainstrib and Haber
“A must read book for prostate cancer patients and their partners. Provides clear, warm and understanding approach to the frightening medical and psychological experience of prostate cancer.”

DVD Sex Toys and Devices
A comprehensive guide with real couples explicitly demonstrating the use of over 30 of the most popular toys for couples and solo play. Showcases Vacuum Therapy Devices as one of the featured items.

Viagra Alternative by Mark Bonnard, M.D.
Mark Bonnard, M.D., a psychiatrist specializing in sex therapy, wrote this guide to overcoming Erectile Dysfunction naturally, including diet and exercise and also analyzes Viagra & other medications.

Assisted Loving Brochure
An informational handout created to give a comprehensive overall look at Vacuum Therapy. Includes tips, tricks and side issues for Vacuum Therapy Devices.

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