The Prelude Penile Exercise Device

Complements Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

As its name implies, the Prelude penavascular exercise device is the first choice for men with erectile dysfunction (ED). It was invented by medical equipment designer and prostate cancer survivor John Marchello and complements other treatment options for erectile dysfunction such as:

  • Oral Medications (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, etc.)
  • Vacuum Therapy Devices
  • Penile Self-Injection
  • Transurethral Insertion Therapy

The purpose of the Prelude is to help maintain tissue flexibility and to encourage blood flow into the penis. Depending on an individual’s health, some men may begin using this penile exerciser 30 days after prostate surgery, while others may require up to 90 days or longer. Always check with your doctor before using. Please Note: The Prelude is not designed to create an erection suitable for intercourse.

Kit Contents

Your penile therapeutic exercise kit includes:

  • The Prelude
  • Illustrated Instructions
  • The Male Scale*
  • Lubricant
  • Storage Tube

*The Male Scale and chart is included to track growth measurements and progress of penile recovery.

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