Unique Personal Care Products for Women

Dragonfly products have been created especially for women so that they may feel as beautiful as they truly are. Our line of candles and luxuriant lotions contains only natural ingredients designed to replenish the skin, calm and soothe the spirit and promote intimacy. With their proprietary blends of skin-nourishing minerals, butters and oils, Dragonfly products foster a sense of well-being and healing. Special thanks to Dr. John Ghuneim, Physician of Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine and Internal Medicine, who has been instrumental in creating the Dragonfly line of products. View other Sexual Enhancement Products for Women Here. To purchase one of these products just click the name to be redirected to our store.


Spark of Romance Candles

Featuring premium body-moisturizing ingredients, these “massage candles” come in a variety of luscious scents and melt at just a little over body temperature (102 degrees), creating a rich, warm body lotion that is the temperature of a relaxing bath—deliciously warm, but never too hot.

Puppy Love Foot Lotion

This organic lotion contains a unique blend of shea butter and almond, orange and rosemary leaf oils to make your feet feel soft, along with pheromones and a special ingredient called Moor Mud, which thousands of years ago was part of the ocean floor. Rich in vitamins, minerals and natural antibiotics, Moor Mud enables a holistic approach to preventing and combating many ailments, and provides a general feeling of well-being.

Sugar & Spice Breast Lotion

This hydrating lotion for the full v-neck area was specially created because of the large concentration of blood vessels and nerves in this often-neglected area. By slowly massaging this botanical-rich lotion into the skin, beneficial oils (which include grape seed, olive, black currant and jojoba) are absorbed and stress is relieved.

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Moments in Time Massage Serum

Silky and smooth, this massage serum helps you nurture your skin and nourish all your senses with a soothing treatment of natural ingredients that include jojoba oil, vitamin E and olive and sunflower oils with a proprietary blend of pheromones for excitement.


Private Affair Hydrating Lotion

A hydrating experience for the most gentle of areas. Because water is the giver of life, this lotion is water-based and contains just the right touch of specially blended pheromones to add the element of romance. There are no irritating chemicals to create an artificial tingling sensation, just the natural flush of warmth as the sensual massage encourages blood flow.

CocoLove Coconut Oil Lubricant

Solid at room temperature, when you scoop it out of a jar, this lubricant melts into your hand for a cool and comfortable application. Made from 100% organic unrefined cold-pressed, extra-virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is also now being studied for its anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial health-protecting properties.