Products for Sexual Wholeness

Prelude Penavascular Exercise DevicePrelude Penavascular Exercise Device

The Prelude is a penavascular exercise device that helps maintain tissue flexibility and encourage blood flow into the penis. Designed by a prostate cancer survivor, it complements other treatments for erectile dysfunction such as:

  • Oral Medications (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis)
  • Vacuum Therapy Devices (VTDs)
  • Penile Self-Injection
  • Transurethral Insertion Therapy

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Dragonfly Natural Beauty Balms for Women

Dragonfly products have been created especially for women to enjoy and to share with their partners. Our line of candles, lotions, serums and oils contains only natural ingredients designed to replenish the skin, calm and soothe the spirit and promote intimacy. The Dragonfly product line includes:

  • Spark of Romance Lotion Candles
  • Puppy Love Foot Lotion
  • Sugar & Spice Body Lotion
  • Moments in Time Massage Serum
  • Private Affair Hydrating Lotion
  • CocoLove Lubricant

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ED Products for MenProducts for Men

Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, has numerous causes, from psychological issues like depression and anxiety to physical problems, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol, heart and vascular disease and diabetes and prostate cancer. U&Me Time offers a wide variety of aids to help men and their partners restore intimacy. These include:

  • Vacuum Therapy Devices (VTDs)
  • Penile Foam Sleeves
  • Prelude Penile Therapeutic Exercise Device
  • Impo-Aid Over-the-Counter Ring Kit
  • Ring Release

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Products for Women

Female Sexual Dysfunction can be caused by physical problems, hormonal changes and psychological and social factors. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including low or absent sexual desire, inability to experience orgasm or maintain arousal during sexual activity and painful intercourse (dyspareunia). All of these can disrupt a women’s sexual relationship with her partner, causing distress and loss of intimacy. U&Me time provides products that can help rekindle desire and ease the return to fuller sexual expression. These include:

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Vitamins & Nutraceuticals

Derived from the Latin word for life, vitamins are essential for our bodies to function properly. U&Me Time offers vitamins called nutraceuticals to indicate they are of a pharmaceutical grade and are free of the fillers and additives often found in brands of lower quality. We offer an array of nutraceuticals, all of which are designed so that your body will be able use all of the vitamin or mineral you are taking. Our product line of vitamins includes:

  • Paleo Greens Organic Vegetarian Supplements
  • Paleo Reds Organic Supplements
  • OverDrive Performance Enhancement Dietary Supplements
  • Ortho Biotic Supplements for Gastrointestinal Health
  • Calscorbplex Ascorbate Complex Supplements

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Reference Books and DVDs

U&Me Time offers books, DVDs and other educational materials for couples who are looking for reference materials to enhance their relationship or further inform them in a particular area. Our offerings include:

  • Men, Women, and Prostate Cancer Book
  • DVD Guide to Sex Over 40
  • Intimacy with Impotence: The Couple’s Guide to Better Sex After Prostate Disease Book
  • Penis Power Book

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This & That: Useful Products to Enhance Your Life

We offer other products that we have found to be particularly helpful or useful for our clients and in our own lives. They include:

  • Messenger Bags
  • Rx Rider Bike Seat Cover
  • History Museum Pictures
  • Gourmet Coffee & Tea
  • Traveler’s Card

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