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Senior Sex In The Golden Years: Older People Remain Sexually Active Despite Health Conditions

By: Lizette Borreli


The desire for intimacy, whether it’s from a friend or lover, is a universal need that persists from our prime well into our golden years. Many of us want to continue having an active, satisfying sex life despite the inevitable health conditions that come with old age. And now, according to a study published in the journal Leisure Sciences, seniors don’t have much to worry about.

A team of researchers from the University of Illinois and the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, have found despite ageist stereotypes, seniors continue to be sexually active well into their golden years. In fact, many elderly people consider sex essential to their well-being, happiness, and overall quality of life, especially after retirement. “Although some older adults reported abstaining from sexual activity due to health conditions or loss of interest, others refused to renounce sexual activity,” said Liza Berdychevsky, a professor at Illinois, in a statement.

Interested in learning more about the importance of and constraints on sexuality in older adulthood, Berdychevsky and her colleague Galit Nimrod 14 online forums where people aged 50 and older connected from across the globe to talk about a diverse range of topics. For example, some seniors were content with retiring from sex, while many others emphasized they “remained sexually able, interested and active.”

Results showed that the specter of death seemed to inspire seniors to experiment more sexually than they did when they were younger. Not to mention the increased leisure time also increased their libidos, which moved sex up on their priority list. These seniors also felt sexual experimentation affirmed their existence and even aided personal growth.

However, some older adults felt there were too many cultural, social, psychological, and biological constraints when it came to intimacy. Some shared incidents of health care workers dismissing their concerns about their sexual health or functioning, while others said their adult children or facility staff members scrutinized their lifestyles. As a result they renounced sex at an age when they could still enjoy it.

Scientific data, such as this study, help to dispel stubborn stereotypes surrounding age and sex — mostly that as you age you don’t have it as often. Revamping sexual education programming would further help to address the various physical and psychosocial risks sexually active seniors face, according to the researchers. And in turn healthcare providers and residential facility staff members might be more sensitive to elderly people’s sexual questions and concerns.

The truth is seniors are having sex more than ever. Many older adults don’t let their health problems or society’s ageist stereotypes get in the way of great sex. Previous research has found barriers to sexual pleasure for older people are more likely to be social than physical. They are stereotyped as being non-sexual beings who should not, cannot, and do not want to have sex. But as we’ve recently learned, sexual activity doesn’t lessen just because you add more candles to your birthday cake.

If sex can be as regular in middle age as it is in, say, a person’s teens, then so is the risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Doctors believe the release of Fifty Shades of Grey has led to an increase in chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea in people who are over the hill. In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported STD rates for Americans aged 45 to 65 have almost tripled in the past decade.

Though health conditions may hinder older adults’ physical abilities, their willingness to keep having sex, rather than surrendering to their physical limitations, helps them feel fulfilled. So, grandma and grandpa may be having just as much fun as their adult grandkids.

Source: Berduchevsky L and Nimrod G. Sex as Leisure in Later life: A Netnographic Approach. Leisure Sciences. 2016.

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What do woman think about Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that can affect men everywhere, in fact more than half of men aged 40-70 have been affected. But, up until now, how this difficult subject affects these men’s partners is something that has largely been ignored by experts, especially female partners, who may understand very little about erectile dysfunction themselves.

In a bid to understand how ED affects partners, especially women, Superdrug Online Doctor has published an in-depth report examining how women feel when their partners suffer from ED, how they broach the subject with their partners and, most importantly, what helps them navigate this challenging issue in their relationship to ultimately help couples tackle the issue together in a united, caring and sensitive way. Continue reading

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Movember (a portmanteau of the words ‘Moustache’ and ‘November’), is an annual month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November. The event has been claimed to have been invented in 1999 by group of Australian men from Adelaide.


This has changed over the years into something that is fun and informational. Receantly

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Nitrates in Leafy Greens and Beets!

Leafy green vegetables, like celery and spinach, may increase circulation because of their high concentration of nitrates. Beet juice has been found to be really high in nitrates. Nitrates are vasodilators, which means they open up blood vessels and increase blood flow. Many years before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first ED drug in 1998, several case reports on the beneficial effects of nitrates for erectile dysfunction had already been published. The ED drugs used today are based on the relaxing effects of nitrates on the blood vessels that supply the penis.

Studies show that flavonoids and other antioxidants have similar effects on people. They may help lower blood pressure and decrease cholesterol, both of which are factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction

Protein in Pistachios

A recent study found that men with erectile dysfunction who ate pistachio nuts every day for three weeks experienced significant improvement in sexual issues, including ED, sexual desire, and overall sexual satisfaction. The benefits of pistachios for erection problems may be due to a protein called arginine, which may help relax blood vessels. “This is another example of how good circulation is good for sexual health, which is good news because I eat a lot of pistachios,” says Dr. Daneshgari.

One reason they may be considered aphrodisiacs is that oysters have high levels of the mineral zinc, which plays an important role in the production of the male hormone testosterone, and low levels of testosterone could be one reason for erectile dysfunction.


Watermelon is rich in beneficial ingredients known as phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are also antioxidants. One of their benefits is that they relax the blood vessels that supply an erection. Although watermelon is 92 percent water, the other 8 percent may provide a benefit for your heart and your sexual enjoyment.

Lycopene is one of those phytonutrients that is good for circulation and good for sexual issues. Lycopene is found in deep red fruits like tomatoes and pink grapefruits. Some studies show that lycopene may be absorbed best when mixed with oily foods like avocados and olive oil. So you might want to make yourself an ED-fighting salad.

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10 Surprising reasons you’re having less sex

Follow this link for a brief slide show on some helpful information that could be impacting intimacy. This is great, insightful and helpful to many couples.

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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

The perks of sex extend well beyond the bedroom.

By Kathleen Doheny
WebMD Feature
Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD


1. Less Stress, Better Blood Pressure

Having sex could lower your stress and your blood pressure.
That finding comes from a Scottish study of 24 women and 22 men who kept records of their sexual activity. The researchers put them in stressful situations — such as speaking in public and doing math out loud — and checked their blood pressure.
People who had had intercourse responded better to stress than those who engaged in other sexual behaviors or abstained.
Another study found that diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number of your blood pressure) tends to be lower in people who live together and have sex often.

2. Sex Boosts Immunity

Having sex once or twice a week has been linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which can protect you from getting colds and other infections.
A Wilkes University study had 112 college students keep records of how often they had sex and also provide saliva samples for the study. Those who had sex once or twice a week had higher levels of IgA, an antibody that could help you avoid a cold or other infection, than other students.

3. Sex Burns Calories

Thirty minutes of sex burns 85 calories or more. It may not sound like much, but it adds up: 42 half-hour sessions will burn 3,570 calories, more than enough to lose a pound. Doubling up, you could drop that pound in 21 hour-long sessions.
“Sex is a great mode of exercise,” Los Angeles sexologist Patti Britton, says. It takes both physical and psychological work, though, to do it well, she says. Continue reading
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Vacuum Therapy Devices in detail

This is a great article that anyone who uses or is considering vacuum therapy devices. It goes over just about every aspect of vacuum therapy and answers many questions that men and couples have. We find this very informative and believe it is a great read.

Continue reading

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What are Nutraceuticals?

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Nutraceuticals are whole foods, food ingredients or supplements that have specific health or medical benefits. For example, they may prevent or treat specific diseases, which means that they have properties extending beyond simple nutritional functions.

Nutraceuticals can come from plant, marine, animal, and microbial sources. Specifically, nutraceuticals include whole foods, food additives, herbs, phytonutrients (nutrients found in the skin of many vegetables and fruits, as well as in grains and seeds), probiotics, and vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements.

Why are they good?

“Regular” milk and eggs are already important sources of protein and polyunsaturated fats or essential fatty acids (EFAs). Since the body cannot manufacture EFAs on its own, we must get them in our diet. And why should you care about EFAs? They are essential for rebuilding and producing new cells, they can reduce blood pressure, help prevent many diseases (including cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disease), lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of blood clots, improve skin and hair, and more.

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This Months Special: Valentines Day Free Shipping

This month we are running a special for Valentines Day! Enter the word “FREE” during your checkout to receive free shipping for orders over $35.

Be sure to take advantage of this offer and check out our Dragonfly line of creams, oils and beauty balms. Take a look at a few facts you may not know about Valentines Day!

1.In 2011, Iran banned Valentine cards, gifts, teddy bears, and other Valentine tokens as part of an Islamic republic backlash against the spread of Western culture. Additionally, some religious activists in India and Pakistan protest Valentine’s Day as a day of shame of lust. They view it as a Western holiday in which Westerners satisfy their “sex thirst.”2.Red hearts are a ubiquitous Valentine symbol. Red is traditionally associated with the color of blood. At one time, people thought that the heart, which pumps blood, was the part of the body that felt love. In fact, when the Egyptians mummified their dead for burial, they removed every organ but the heart because they believed the heart was the only part of the body necessary for the trip through eternity.

3.Valentine’s Day was first introduced to Japan in 1936 and has become widely popular. However, because of a translation error made by a chocolate company, only women buy Valentine chocolates for their spouses, boyfriends, or friends. In fact, it is the only day of the year many single women will reveal their crush on a man by giving him chocolate. The men don’t return the favor until White Day, a type of “answer day” to Valentine’s Day, which is on March 14.

4.“Quirkyalone Day” is celebrated on February 14 as an alternative to Valentine’s Day. It is geared toward people who “resist the tyranny of coupledom.” Another alternate Valentine’s Day celebration is SAD (Single Awareness Day), which reminds people that they don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate life.

5.The ancient Roman festival Lupercalia (“festival of the wolf”) is considered to be one precursor to Valentine’s Day. Celebrated from February 13-15, it was a purification and fertility ceremony. Reminiscent of the modern-day exchange of love notes on Valentine’s Day, boys would draw a girl’s name from a box on the eve of the festival and then escort her to the festival the next day—or, some scholars say, she would be his sexual partner for the next year. Continue reading

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