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Dragonfly products have been created especially for women to enjoy and to share with their partners. Our line of candles and luxuriant lotions, serums and oils contains only natural ingredients designed to replenish the skin, calm and soothe the spirit and promote intimacy.

Spark of Romance Massage Oil Candles
Spark of Romance candles are unique, specially formulated candles intended for use on the body. Featuring premium-quality body moisturizing ingredients, these candles moisturize and nourish dry skin.

Puppy Love Foot Lotion
Puppy Love contains shea butter, rosemary leaf oil, almond and orange oils to make your feet feel soft. The pheromones add a sensual element through heightened senses of touch, sight and smell.

Sugar & Spice Breast Lotion
This hydrating lotion for the breasts and full v-neck area was specially created because of the large concentration of blood vessels and nerves in this area. Feel the benefits of blended oils such as grape seed, olive, black currant and jojoboa.

Moments in Time Massage Serum
Silky and smooth, use solo or with your partner to nurture the skin cells and enhance circulation to all areas of your body. Nourish all of your senses with a treatment of oils and pheromones blended with your pleasure in mind.

Private Affair Hydrating Lotion
Private Affair is a water-based lotion made for application both inside and outside the vaginal areas. No irritating chemicals, just the natural flush of warmth as the massage encourages blood flow.

CocoLove Coconut Oil Lubricant
As a massage lotion or a lubricant, CocoLove offers a very pleasant long-lasting experience. Solid at room temperature, when scooped out of the jar, it melts into your hand for a cool and comfortable application.

Deluxe Gift Set
Includes one of each of our specially formulated lotions and creams for total body care. A Spark of Romance Soy Massage Oil Candle  and our friendly teddy bear is tucked in the basket as well. 

Tropical Bear with Logo Shirt
This fuzzy fun teddy bear is about 8″ tall and sports a hoodie that adds to his cuteness! And the Dragonfly logo on the hoodie looks right at home. Great present for any age.

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