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Prostate Cancer Survivor Searches for Recovery Options

My name is John Marchello. I am a prostate cancer survivor and a designer of durable medical equipment. As such I have experienced a variety of things that may benefit you in selecting an option that can resolve your erectile dysfunction. In early October of 1999, I underwent a radical prostatectomy to remove a cancerous prostate. Upon recovery I regained urine control, but not erectile function.With a passion for life and thirty-plus years in medical equipment design I set about to buy, try and test every possible option to restore erectile function, with the exception of an implant.

I started by trying oral medications and herbal supplements only to learn that neither of these were much help. I moved on to penile injection and intra-urethral suppository and experienced some success, but also enough discomfort to diminish the pleasure. Finally, frustrated with a lack of progress, I turned to vacuum therapy, a treatment I initially avoided because of the seemingly unromantic complexity of mechanical devices and techniques to be mastered, which I reasoned would eliminate spontaneity and turn passion into scripted foreplay. Fortunately, my reasoning was wrong.

I started by ordering a low-end $99.95 mail order vacuum therapy system (VTS) and relearned that you get what you pay for, which is a basic unit with a lot of parts that mostly work for men with mild forms of erectile dysfunction. Undaunted, I set about to make a few modifications and added a few accessories, and within a week of practice, about five months after surgery, I began to experience a return to sexuality. I was having intercourse. Not great intercourse, but pleasant, somewhat satisfying intercourse. I gave it a C+.

Thus began my adventure into vacuum therapy as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.Immediately, I began buying and trying other vacuum therapy systems. I wanted the best, the ultimate device that would lift my sexual performance to new heights, to new bliss. One thing I noticed early on was that most VT systems are pretty much the same; vacuum is vacuum. The important factors are the user’s compatibility with the style of the pump and the user’s adaptability to the style and size of the tension rings. I concluded that when selecting a VTS it is best to have a variety of styles and models from which to choose.

Other things I learned:

  • Talk to men currently using VT systems for erectile dysfunction.
  • If possible, purchase your VT systems from a man who uses one.
  • Talk to men with experience.
  • Use the same good sense you did when you selected your primary medical professional to treat you for prostate cancer.
  • Achieving A+ with vacuum therapy is possible and exciting!

You probably would not consider buying an automobile from a person who has never driven, so why buy a VTS from a person without erectile dysfunction? Go for the experience, as information provided and knowledge shared is based on experience. Over the past seven years I have met with over 400 men regarding this subject, gaining insight from men aged 45 to 89. If you want to learn more and discuss your specific concerns regarding erectile dysfunction contact me at the U&Me Time office at 734-741-0379 to schedule a free one-on-one consultation. Partners are also welcome. If by chance I am not there, ask for Carrie Burzan and she can schedule your consultation with me.

Understand that the one-on-one consultation meeting is primarily for educational purposes. Products are available for purchase at your choice. Should you wish to purchase equipment not currently available from U.S.A. Medical Equipment, Inc., we can arrange for your purchase, or provide you with the contact number for local dealers or sales reps who can supply you.

Best wishes on your recovery to full sexual function.

John L. Marchello
Prostate Cancer Survivor
Designer of the Prelude Penavascular Device

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