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About Vacuum Therapy Devices

Vacuum Therapy Devices, or VTDs, have been available for a number of years as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). The medical community recognizes that drugs are not appropriate for many men, and so the pendulum is swinging back toward more natural answers for impotence problems, and VTDs are a front-runner as they do not involve potentially harmful drugs or invasive medical procedures. With some exciting new technological advances and improvements, these systems are better than ever, and have been shown to be 90% effective for all causes of erectile dysfunction.

A typical vacuum therapy system consists of a vacuum pump, either manual or battery operated, a clear plastic cylinder for retention of the vacuum and appropriate accessories for sizing the open end of the cylinder for an individual fit. The vacuum maintains the blood within the penis, creating an erection.

The science behind the function of Vacuum Therapy is simple and straightforward. Creating an erection functions both for sexual activity and, more importantly, for increasing blood flow to the genital area to promote health and healing. By inducing penile engorgement with the Vacuum Therapy Device (VTD) corporeal fibrosis may be prevented, providing a quicker return to normal function, especially after surgery to the penis and prostrate area.

Studies suggest that erections may work on a “use-it-or-lose-it” basis. Research suggests that when the penis is flaccid for long periods of time, and therefore deprived of oxygen rich blood, the low oxygen level causes some muscle cells to lose their flexibility and gradually change into something similar to scar tissue. This tissue seems to interfere with the penis’s ability to expand even when it’s filled with blood.

There are many brands of Vacuum Therapy Devices (VTD) on the market and they are all basically the same, but each have small differences in the way the unit is assembled and the types of rings and accessories that are added. The choice of hand pump or battery operated pump is dependent on manual dexterity and personal preference. Some users have experienced bruising and discomfort, but with the newly developed foam penis sleeves, much of that problem has been eliminated.

VTD’s range in price from $100.00 to $500.00 and care should be taken to learn about service and quality before purchasing. The successful use of the VTD is not as dependent on the price you pay, but on the time you take to practice and understand the function of these unique machines.

Most insurance plans cover the Erection Systems and the knowledgeable people working at the manufacturers or distributors can provide reference material and answer basic questions. Replacement supplies like the rings, lubricants and penis foam sleeves are not usually covered by insurance.

Another advantage that the VTD provides is that the couple can both be involved in the use of the device. Since this is a problem that effects the partner as well as the VTD user, many times the partner wants to participate in the solution. There are many ways to involve both parties as part of the prelude to sexual intercourse. Remember that vacuum therapy is fully controlled by the user–you decide when to have an erection and when to discontinue it. There is no waiting for medicine to take effect and then to wear off.

Communication begins with open and honest discussions, confronting concerns and learning about ways to best use vacuum therapy in the act of making love.

Practice using the device until it begins to feel more natural. It takes plenty of practice and this is how many of the techniques for success are learned. Mechanical solutions may seem intrusive at first glance, but with positive attitudes, a new openness and with just a few added steps, successful lovemaking will lead to renewed confidence and pleasure.

Remember to always read the manual from the manufacturer of the pump. It contains warnings about the risks of using vacuum therapy and the rings inappropriately (i.e. stop using the pump if pain occurs, never use under the influence of alcohol/drugs, caution for men with certain medical conditions, etc.).

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